About Us

About Us

BRC's Party Perfect Productions is a part of BellaRocco Creations, LLC.  I started BellaRocco Creations in 2017, after my son was born (Rocco).  I have always been crafty, I spent many years watching my grandma make ornaments, paint and sew sachet pillows.  I loved so much watching her do her magic.   Then there is my mom, she is a great party organizer and has the best imagination when it comes to party decor.  I've watched her put on so many different events from my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary party to my wedding!  She just makes it look so effortless and I've loved watching her pull it all together.  Growing up those were the parts of these amazing women I have always wanted to emanate.  

When my son was born, I was able to take 3 months off for my maternity leave and it was so much different than the 6 weeks I got with my daughter (Bella).  I spent time with both of them for 1 month of the summer and it was great.  I had the opportunity to be creative and learn new things.  It's amazing what you can learn searching YouTube.  Now, 6 years later, I get to incorporate my children in my business.  Bella has learned to make jewelry and do nail art, and well Rocco, he loves a good party.  They are my inspiration for starting this new chapter of BellaRocco Creations!  I know how hard it is to spend time with friends once we all start having kids, so why not help others out with something I wish was around when  my kids were babies, Soft Play rentals.  Sometimes going to the big trampoline place is too much with kids under 5 and you just need something to keep them entertained, but safe at the same time. 

As for the party part, well, sometimes it can be hard to keep the kiddos entertained, especially at events like weddings, or bridal and baby showers, so why not rent a soft play and bounce house combo so both toddler and parents get to enjoy the event.  Not to mention, that babies 6 months and older and toddlers are constantly growing and everything they do is a learning activity for them.  Soft play is a big part of developing important skills like balance, coordination, and problem-solving .

I also get to use my crafty skills if you need to rent a handcrafted wood wedding arch, or backdrop.  Maybe you need some balloon art for great photos.  So for your next big event, or your rainy day play date, let us help you make your Party Perfect.